Kicking the Habit

Quitting Pornography Under Grace

“Stopping porn with defensive maneuvers is not enough. The ‘rewards’ you used to get from online stimulation must be replaced with real satisfaction in life. Fruitful is the new sinless. Try traveling that road for a while. That’s the direction out”

Joel Hughes, Ph.D.

About the Book

Kicking the Habit: Quitting pornography under grace is a new, positive approach to stop using internet porn that works. How do you quit any compulsive, addictive, behavior? Dr. Hughes adapts the successful techniques of smoking cessation programs such as positive motivation, a firm decision to quit, social support, and replacing the “thrill” with healthy alternatives. Blending his knowledge of clinical psychology, health research, and biblical truth, Dr. Hughes lays out a practical and action-oriented program to stop using pornography in a convenient workbook that men can use in small groups or even with just one trusted friend.

  • Are you ready to quit?

  • Do you want to be free?

  • Quitting under grace is the answer.

About the Author

Dr. Joel Hughes is a Professor at a public research university, clinical psychologist, and an elder at Xenos Christian Fellowship of Northeast Ohio. He has published over 100 research articles in the area of health psychology. He and his wife Kathryn serve together leading home churches and working to develop young leaders.


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